How to move house in bad weather, on a snowy day

How to move house in bad weather

How to move house in bad weather , on a snowy day

Are you ready to start preparing for your move? It sounds exciting when you imagine living in a completely different state. However, you have to do some tasks before you leave your present place for good. One of them is hiring a reputable moving company. That’s why Trico Long Distance Movers is here for you to offer you its range of services. Planning is the key to a successful move, so our experts can assist you to do it as well as possible. Our crew has got much experience in any long-distance move, so feel free to contact us for any advice and schedule your moving day.

The weather is one thing you can’t predict or control, so read on to see how to be prepared if it is snowing on your moving day. You won’t let the snow slow you down, or some unexpected unpleasant things ruin that day.  Try to adapt to weather challenges and manage it like a pro. What to do?

Clear your driveway and walkways: They must be clear of snow and ice, so the cheapest and most effective method is spreading much salt on your paths. It will melt snow and slow the process of making some new ice. Do it the day before your move to save time and repeat it in the morning if it is needed again. Make sure all the snow is cleared for the heavy foot traffic.

– Turn down the heat: You are aware that all the doors will be mostly open since people will enter your home and go out constantly. It is wasting money if you don’t set your heat to the temperature that will be sufficient to prevent your pipes in the kitchen and bathroom from freezing.

Insulate the boxes: There are some sensitive electronic items you have packed that need added protection. They should be transported with much care in a heated vehicle. Anyway, keep them indoors as long as you can before you carry them out to prevent any harm.

Protect your floors: Since muddy or wet boots or shoes can make a mess, ruin the floors and make them slippery, lay down some cardboard, moving blankets, towels or old rugs along the way, especially in front of the entrance and just after you enter the house. You don’t want anybody to fall on the slippery stairways and get hurt.

Prepare warm beverages: Treat yourself and the people who help to carry the boxes with warm drinks, tea, coffee, hot apple cider or cocoa. It would be good to have a portable heater, so the beverages would be available all the time for people to warm up. These drinks help regulate the body temperature and keep everybody hydrated.

– Leave some proper clothing: Do not to pack some of your old warm clothes, your boots and some tools that you will need for the moving day in such bad weather. You won’t want to mess up by searching them in some of your already packed boxes.

All in all, snowy weather is not a pleasant experience if you are not prepared for it. The best thing you can do is to stay calm and cool. Trico Long Distance Movers has tried to make it easy with these tips. We will appreciate much if we could assist you and move your property to your new address. Give us a call now!