How to prepare everything for the movers

How to prepare everything for the movers

How to prepare everything for the moversYou finally have a chance to change things in your life for better. Now it is a great opportunity for a new start, and you don’t want to miss this chance. Anyhow, it requires much planning. In order not to deal with too many issues, you should hire the professional movers to complete this daunting moving process. Trico Long Distance Movers is the moving company you should hire. Its experienced and skilled crew will ease your relocation and make you relaxed. Now you wonder what you could do to prepare everything for the movers to make it simple when the movers arrive at your address.

–          Parking: You can’t imagine how many people overlook this obvious detail. Let your movers know where to park and secure an available parking lot. This spot should be big enough for a truck.

–          Preparing boxes adequately: Your moving company can do the packing your belongings, too. In case you want to do the packing yourself, make sure you have all right supplies to do it well. Label the boxes with a marker, especially if there is something breakable and make sure that you have protected your precious items with much wrapping, bubble paper to secure the pieces from moving around the box. Colour each box for a particular room in your home to have your boxes in the appropriate room after the movers unload them.

–          Protecting floors: You cannot know the exact weather conditions, so be prepared for a rainy day in your old place and your new home. You don’t want to have slippery entrance or damage the floors with dirt or water. Cover the floors with blankets and use salt outside if there is snow or ice.

–          Keeping the kids and pets away: Hire a babysitter or ask a friend or a neighbor to keep an eye on your kid until the movers finish loading the truck. It is dangerous to have your kids or pets around. They will distract you from work since you will have to take care that nobody trips on them while carrying stuff. All the doors and the gate will be open, so there is also a chance that they just disappear into such a mess. They also need to be fed, so leave them in a secure place for a few hours on a moving day.

–          Measuring furniture: You must make sure that some bulky furniture will fit through the door. Some furniture can be disassembled before carrying it through the door. Your movers should know in advance what furniture should be dismantled to have the right tools and make the right plan for it.

–          Tipping your movers: It is up to you if you want to tip your movers, but it is good to have some cash on hand if you see they have done some great job and you appreciate their skills and the service they have performed. Tipping them, you show your appreciation if their work was worth it.

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