Moving to Another State after College

The hard work and effort paid off! You find yourself celebrating the final graduation. Years of studying and dedication have prepared you for this moment, but the question arises what to do now. Do you finally go on that Euro-trip that has been a dream during long nights studying? Is moving back in with the folks a good alternative, or maybe a completely new environment, and the scenery is needed? This blog is for the adventurous souls that have decided to push themselves and are moving to another state after college. The exciting and somewhat scary life of grown-ups is upon you and it’s time to make decisions on your own and take responsibility. What does it take to move to another state? Trico Long Distance Movers has put together a guide to help the leaders of tomorrow to adjust to these changes.  Continue reading “Moving to Another State after College”

Moving From a House into an Apartment

Are you going to move to another state? Whatever reason you have to Moving into apartment buildings can be a great way to save moneyrelocate, it is great news. Although you may be a little worried about moving into an apartment, there is a chance for you to start making new friends, get used to your new workplace or new marital status. Anyway, before you actually settle there, you have to relocate your property to your new place. Trico Long Distance Movers offers you its services to make your move as easy as possible. We are a reliable moving company, capable of handling all types of long-distance moves.

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Things You Should Do Right After Your Move

When moving to another place for whatever reason, most people are excited about their significant change, and they can’t wait to get to their new house and do what it takes to make it a perfect home. We’re sure you are one of those people. But, we have to remind you that, before you start thinking things you should do right after your moveabout what will help you be more comfortable in the new house, you should first make sure that you take care of some more significant things which shouldn’t wait. Don’t worry – we at Trico Long Distance Movers are here to tell you what to remember to do right after your move.

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6 tips to moving with a big family


Well, moving with a large family will be difficult and stressful, there is no way around it. You can make it go efficiently and make sure that your belongings are safely moved, your family members are safe and content, and that your move ends happily. You need to know how to move with a large family without giving in to the relocation chaos. These 6 tips to moving with a big family below should help you achieve this feat and turn the problematic moving process into a fun family adventure. Continue reading “6 tips to moving with a big family”

How to stay centered during your move

Stay focused during the moveWhen they think about leaving their home and moving someplace else, most people first think of rush, stress, and anxiety, which is natural, given how hectic the relocation process can be. Thus, once the whole process gets started, they find it hard to stay centered during the move, but you don’t have to worry about that – we are here to help you. Here are some tips for staying centered all the way until the end of your chaotic relocation process. Stick to these several steps, and you can relax. So, let’s begin: Continue reading “How to stay centered during your move”

Top 7 Things You Should Do Before Moving

Are you planning on moving cross country soon? If this is your first relocation, you should know that the task ahead of you is not as easy as it might seem. There are many things you should keep in mind while moving to another state. An inexperienced mover can all too easily get lost in the process. For that reason, we at Trico Long Distance Movers have put together the following list of some of the most important things you should do before you move.

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Your “to do” moving list

Checklist when moving to another state

If you are going to move to your new home soon, you are probably stressed and not capable of thinking clearly. There is too much stuff to do, and you are about to make a “to-do” list to ease each of your steps. The first thing is searching for a professional company that will relocate your property to another place. Trico Long Distance Movers is the moving company you can rely on. We are familiar with all the rules regarding long-distance moves and have much experience in it. Contact us to gather all the information you need. We have also prepared a list of things for you, which is good to consider when you start planning your move. You may think that such a list is a waste of time since you never know if it is productive. That’s why it doesn’t have to be too long at the start and has to include the basis. Read the following suggestions to know what has to be done.

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How to organize a sale


 How to organize a saleGarage sale

Are you about to make a long-distance move soon? If so, there is much to think about. It’s essential to think of your budget and possible unnecessary expenses, so be careful about hiring a moving company. You need a reliable professional company that is familiar with all the rules and regulations and with a skilled crew to do your relocation in the best possible way. You don’t need to search any further. Trico Long Distance Movers has made hundreds of long-distance and cross-country moves. We are proud to say that our customers’ feedbacks keep us go on good work and keep each one of our client happy.

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Where to look for free moving boxes

Where to look for moving boxesIn addition to being intricate, the whole relocation process can be somewhat costly, too. For that reason, when you start preparing for your move, you’re doing your best to find a way to avoid some unnecessary costs, right? In some cases, it is impossible to do so, but when it comes to packing boxes for moving, you can do something to save some money. Of course, packing requires you to gather various packing materials, many and many moving boxes to start with, but the good news is that you can find these containers for free. Here are some ideas where to start looking:

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6 things to do on moving day

6 things to do on moving dayNo matter how busy or stressful the pre-move preparations are, moving day will arrive, and its successful completion will also mean the end of your relocation difficulties are already in sight. Time will tell whether that significant change in your life will be for the better or not, but right now it is time to turn your undivided attention on the day when your movers will arrive to fulfill their contractual responsibilities. Now that we have told you what movers wouldn’t tell you, here are the 6 things to do on moving day before your movers make a personal appearance on the day of your move.

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