How Can I Ship my Belongings to Another State? – We Have the Answer

Are you considering relocating to another state? Or maybe you need your items shipped away? Have in mind that transporting your things can be as time-consuming as the move itself. And it takes proper planning and dedication.  

So, if you are asking yourself how can I ship my belongings to another state and what is the cheapest way to do it, we have the answer for you. 

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Things to Know About Moving After College

The hard work and effort paid off! You find yourself celebrating the final graduation. Years of studying and dedication have prepared you for this moment, but the question arises what to do now. Do you finally go on that Euro-trip that has been a dream during long nights studying? Is moving back in with the folks a good alternative, or maybe a completely new environment, and the scenery is needed? This blog is for the adventurous souls that have decided to push themselves and are moving to another state after college. The exciting and somewhat scary life of grown-ups is upon you and it’s time to make decisions on your own and take responsibility. What does it take to move to another state? Trico Long Distance Movers has put together a guide to help the leaders of tomorrow to adjust to these changes.  Continue reading “Things to Know About Moving After College”

How to Organize an Office Move – the Best Moving Tips

An office move takes a lot of planning and organizing, but don’t let that scare you. You should first create a checklist and a budget and stick to them all the way. Talk to your staff members and notify them about the change. They will appreciate being kept in the loop of things. Last, but not least, find the best relocation company to assist you. With the right movers, you will be able to start working on improving and expanding your business as soon as possible.

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Things to Know About Packaging Fragile Items Safely

When packaging fragile items, make sure that you have enough packing material — stock on everything from boxes to pencils and tape. If you are planning on tackling this task all by yourself, give yourself enough time to do it. You would not want to lose a favorite mirror or expensive crystal glasses just because you wrapped it in a hurry. If you decide that you need help in the form of a professional company, do your research and pick the one that best suits your needs.  Continue reading “Things to Know About Packaging Fragile Items Safely”

Choosing the Best Sized Boxes for Moving – Tips and Tricks

If you think about it, the best-sized boxes for moving do not actually exist. Your items are of different sizes and weights, and it would be impossible for them all to fit into one type of crates. That is why you should create a home inventory before you get materials for your relocation. The trick is to go through everything, decide what to keep and what to donate or sell. When you are done, you will finally know how many crates and in what sizes you need.

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