3 tips for moving long distance with only a few things

A successful move is all about making the correct decisions whenever the time comes. The most important decision you will ever have to make when moving is to find a professional and reliable moving company that will fit into your moving budget and will satisfy your individual shipping requirements. But before you can verify the reputation of your chosen moving company, you will first have to decide on what type of moving company you need. Sometimes, you might wish to move just a few heavy or bulky objects instead of moving all of your things to your new house. Or maybe you just want to move one specialty item, like a piano, a pool table, or a valuable antique. And if that’s the case, then you still have to find a professional moving company to help you, but you will have to browse through many different moving companies that will help you move small loads. And it is good to know that the so-called small load moving companies operate a bit differently than regular full service moving companies.Interested in knowing how to move small scale loads with the invaluable help of dedicated movers? Also, are you ready to learn more about how the small moving cost is calculated and how the small load moving services will influence the final moving price? Then read these 3 tips for moving long distance with only a few things.


How do small moving services work?

Most professional moving companies will charge a minimum weight for each shipment, and if you fail to meet those specific weight requirements, you will be charged a minimum fee to have your things transported to your new home. Namely, if you are not moving a small number of items, for example, a few pieces of furniture, then you will be paying to move weight that you do not really have. That is something that you do not really have to do because of the available options for moving small loads that lie ahead of you.


Small moves are estimated to be about moving items that weigh up to about a thousand pounds, so if you fall below that weight mark, then you are all set for your move. Small-scale moving costs are estimated by using a simple combination of the total shipment weight, the move distance, the number of movers on the job, and the specific moving services you select aside from the obvious one.


What’s more, small items movers will not refuse to ship a small number of household objects short or long distance across the country. But first, your future moving company will quote you a corresponding price. If you have to ship your small load locally within the same state, then you will be charged an hourly rate. If you find that you have to move small amounts across the country, then you should request a free moving quote from a reputable small-scale moving company to know exactly how much the move will cost.


The moving company you contact should be able to provide you with secure storage solutions for the few personal items if your destination is not ready for their arrival yet. Along with the common flexible pickup dates when hiring small load moving services, that you should also get to select between standard or speedy delivery options in accordance with your particular moving budget and needs. Deciding on a declared value coverage for your small load is another option that you can explore, if necessary.


Where can you find small load movers?


Regardless of whether you are moving small loads locally or cross country, one thing is sure, and you will need a dependable and trustworthy moving company to get the job completed affordably and expediently. Here is some good advice on how to find affordable high quality moving companies close to you:

  • Ask around. Ask your friends and coworkers if any of them has used the moving services of a dependable moving company to help you move small loads from your old home to your new home. Remember that friendly recommendations from reliable sources are something very important so you should definitely explore your options. Write down the name of any moving company whose moving services you have been recommended for further research.
  • Look at reviews. Go through online customer reviews and performance ratings of the local or long distance moving companies whose names you have managed to write down. If you do not have any recommendations, then access a reputable database of moving company reviews and see for yourself what the reviews say about the moving companies in your area. Moving company reviews will help you form a good idea of what to expect in general from the small-scale moving companies around you.
  • Check the legality. The third step is to check the legal status of the moving companies you have shortlisted after having checked a number of moving reviews. See if the moving companies have valid U.S. Department of Transportation numbers.

The cost of moving small loads


The best thing about using a moving company that can help you move your small-scale loads is that they will most likely provide you with customized solutions for your move. Cost wise, this higher level of customization means that you will only have to pay for the items you are actually moving simply because you will not have to worry about the minimum weight requirements or hidden charges. You will be presented with a final price based on the weight of your items, and the distance you have to move.


However, if what you are moving falls into the category of high-value articles, then it is a good idea to think about getting the appropriate insurance and custom crating services to keep your things perfectly safe during the move. And of course, both of these options will come with additional moving costs.


Now that you have read these tips for moving long distance with only a few things, keep in mind that the case-by-case nature of the moving process makes it impossible to know exactly how much your mini relocation will cost you in advance unless you request precise price estimation from a small load moving company. Gather a few free price estimates from reputable small load moving companies, compare the conditions carefully and choose the moving company that will be best for you.


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