10 Things You Should Know Before Moving into a High Rise Building

When it comes to moving into a new building, many people agree with me that it is not an easy walk in the park. Moving into a high rise building is even more stressing and time-consuming. It requires proper planning with systematically laid out procedures and strategies to make it a success. Therefore, many people get stranded and lack idea on what to do when moving to such buildings. These tips bellow will make the whole process very simple and successful for you.

Ensure you Understand the Rules of the Building

High rise buildings are highly populated. In such demographic conditions, it is necessary to have rules and regulations that can facilitate harmonious living among tenants. Most buildings in the US especially Manhattan,NY have rules that govern tenants and the neighborhood. For example, some high rise buildings allow pets while other don’t. Therefore, it is advisable you know and master the rules. If you have children, make them understand the rules to avoid problems when you finally settle in that building. You can contact a nearby real estate agent for more guidance.

Call for Reservation

Some high rise building policies require that you contact the owners first before moving in. Failure to do so can lead to heavy fines that might inconvenience you and further complicate the whole process. Therefore, you have to call the owners of the building to reserve some things like elevators and docks. In some cases, you are required to make parking reservations beforehand. Ensure you evaluate the parking capacity of the place and determine whether it will contain the moving company truck.

Several high-rise buildings have luggage carts that can help you in moving your belongings into the house. If you think the carts will help you, you need to ask first to increase your chances of having a reservation made.

Get the House thoroughly Cleaned up Beforehand

Some previous tenants may leave the house clean and some may not. Cleaning the house beforehand is a step that you can’t avoid. You need to clean everything for yourself up to your satisfaction. You can hire a professional cleaner from a trusted company to clean if you can’t make it. During the process, make sure you leave no stone un-turned. Clear the cabinets, the kitchen, bedrooms, walls and roofs. Remove everything the previous tenant might have left in the house.

Make Sure the Place is Safe Enough

Proper security is concurrent with good living conditions at a given place. You need to make sure there are adequate security measures set up by the owner of the building for tenants’ safety. Everyone desires a place that has good security systems. Ensure the place is well lighted enough to scare away burglars. Check the fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing joints. Ensure they are in place and working. Examine the stair cases and make sure they are not too slippery in case you have small children. Ask the people living in the area about the security situation in that place. If you are satisfied, go for it. If you are not contented, rethink and choose wisely.

You Should Plan Before Moving

Proper planning can determine whether you are going to have a smooth relocation or a rough one. For example, you need to make sure that the furniture fit in the new home. Compare the dimensions of the furniture with the doors of the new house and see whether they will fit when you relocate. In case they don’t fit, you may have to sell them and get new furniture that fits. You can as well decide to move to another building that can accommodate the furniture. Planning also involves checking the rooms and deciding where your furniture, utensils and other belongings will be allocated. If possible, note down everything you are planning to do in the new house.

You Should Monitor the Apartment

A building might seem quite attractive and perfect on the listings but quite pathetic in reality. Therefore, you need to be vigilant enough and go there yourself and examine the building. Every high rise building has its unique problems. You need to know about these issues and decide whether you can contain them or not. Most common ones include problems with leakages, plumbing, electricity, etc. You can also have a word with the landlord or the caretaker regarding the issues.

Move fewer Things

It is q vital to reduce your belongings by getting rid of things you won’t need in your new place. Most high rise buildings don’t have a lot of space to accommodate extra things. Your new home can only feel spacious and friendlier if you have fewer things crammed up in the house.

Moving few belongings also means that the process will be less expensive and much easier. You can choose to leave the items you don’t need in the old house. You can donate them to charity or hold a garage sale. Ensure you carefully carry out this procedure to avoid accidentally losing the items you still need.

Find a reliable Moving Company

You need to find a reliable company that will not only help you move your belonging safely but also save you money and time. It is advisable you get a company that has a good reputation and several years of experience in moving people. I usually recommend companies with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because many people have a positive experience with such companies. You can also look up with the nearest state’s Department of Transport. Don’t compromise the safety of your hard earned belongings. Go for the best company that will provide you a safe and cheap service.

However, if you are moving much less things, you can just get a few individuals to assist you instead of hiring a company. This will make it more cheap and quick. It will also be safer since you can watch over each other as you move.

Consider the Location of the Building

Location of the building matters a lot when it comes to movement. For example, the distance between your old place and the new place determine the cost of transportation. It also dictates the means of transportation. You should also consider the accessibility of the area as whether it is connected to roads and schools. Consider its proximity to hospitals and shopping centers. Everyone hates a place that doesn’t have proper infrastructure and necessary social amenities.

Consider the Cost of rent and Means of Payment

You need to monitor the cost of rent of the building and determine whether you can afford it. A good house should make you comfortable financially. At least you should have something to feed yourself and pay other bills after settling the rent. Also, consider if the means of paying the rent suits you accordingly.

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